The Southern Pine Health Research Cooperative (SPHRC) at the University of Georgia was initiated in Fall 2018 after extensive conversations and meetings with private forest companies. A general need was obvious to conduct applied research and outreach in the field of forest health in pine plantations for long-term resource sustainability. We work with a number of private, state, and federal agencies to provide real-life solutions to control and manage pests and pathogens in southern pines.

Vision Statement:
To build healthier and more sustainable southeastern pine forests by reducing economic losses by current and major pests and pathogens by 50%.

Mission Statement:
To provide leadership in managing current and major pests and pathogens using rigorous and cutting edge applied research with practical and innovative solutions in the southeastern pine forests.

Latest News

The Annual meeting of SPHRC is scheduled for late September 2019

The Gandhi, McCarty, and Villari Laboratories attended the Southern Forest Insect Work Conference in Savannah

Holly Munro, graduate student from the Gandhi Lab, presented at the Plantation Management Research Cooperative (PMRC) in Athens

W.H. Bennett, USDA Forest Service,